Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The world largest Barbie Flagship store and café built on the 35,000 square foot areas and most comprehensive collection of Barbie dolls and licensed Barbie products. The design concept of this store is how to make a figure where “Barbie is hero”; expression Barbie as a global lifestyle brand by building on the brand historical link to fashion.
All the exterior, interior, fixtures and furnishings are designed by Slade Architecture. It’s designed to create a sleek, fun, unapologetically feminine interpretation of Barbie: past, present, and future. The main color of this store interior and exterior is pink expressing Barbie’s cutting-edge fashion sense and history.

For the new facade, Slade Architecture combined references to product packaging, decorative arts, fashion and architectural iconography to create a modern identity for the store.
The facade is made of two layers: molded, translucent polycarbonate interior panels and flat exterior glass panels printed with a whimsical lattice frit pattern. Slade collaborated with designers at BIG, who created the final exterior frit graphics. The two layers reinforce each other visually and interact dynamically through reflection, shadow and distortion

The Barbie Cafe, a beautiful restaurant and gelato bar on the top floor, offers guests the opportunity to take a break and enjoy both local comfort food and Barbie-inspired refreshments. Mattel and David Laris Concept planned both the Fashion Cafe and the Barbie Cafe. Both spaces were designed by Slade Architecture.

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